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Bluevale Community Club started off as a boxing club ran out of the Bluevale Neighbourhood Centre in Haghill, which is where the Bluevale name originates from.  It was started by two local residents who grew up in the Haghill area, who quickly realised the need for what they were doing within their local community.  When the boxing club started it was maxed out with all classes having a waiting list.  With the boxing club thriving, volunteers were dealing with social issues relevant to the local community and surrounding areas.  The neighbourhood centre could not support the demand from the community for boxing, and for the club to grow we realised we had to find our own facility. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit it gave the club a chance to reflect and it was clear in order to support the needs of the community we needed our own facility.  Through help with local elected members and hard work from our committee we gained charity status and took over a facility just a mile from the neighbourhood centre where we started.

With a new facility we realised that we had became more than a boxing club and the facility could provide so much more than just boxing.  It was decided that we would rebrand to Bluevale Community Club.

The facility was in dire need of repair, with the outcome of a Health and Safety inspection being that it required 20 major repairs and 12 minor ones.  Through help from the community and hard work from our volunteers the facility was brought up to a standard of which we now consider it to be a state-of-the-art fitness, strength, boxing and community facility.

Our committee and board were all born in the local area and have the area in their heart.  Our club looks to promote and improve the mental and physical health of all attending.  Our aim is to promote services and food programmes for those of our community who may be struggling financially where they otherwise would not be able to attend.  Through our sports clubs and community clubs, we look to improve social cohesion, break down religious race and territorial barriers within the community.

The club has a boxing club ran from age 5 to adult, a 2008 football club, an over 35’s football team, a weekly drama class, line dancing and membership base fitness class for adults to grow our community.  The club also runs food programmes in the local community and throughout lockdown we delivered over 700 food parcels as well as partnering with a local organisation, East End Flat Pack Meals, delivering ingredients with a healthy recipe.  The club also delivered over 70 afternoon teas to elderly residents within the area.  Our programmes have allowed us to grow, and the club has over 5,000 followers across social media.   The club looks to continue its work within the community with after school youth clubs, and other sporting clubs, all coming soon.

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